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ASK JEANNE Freshening Up

Hi Jeanne,
I’m travelling for business and my first meeting is shortly after a long flight, which leaves me little time to primp. What’s your secret for looking fresh in a flash?


Dear Danielle:


I cannot tell you how many years I’ve had to hit the ground running: I have endured countless overnight flights to Europe, arriving with only enough time to dump my bags at the hotel and be off to my first interview. Sometimes, I don’t even have a chance to swing by the hotel: I go directly from the airport to the interview or sometimes even a swank fashion show! And often, the TV camera is there to capture me in my “jet-lagged” mode. No way can I afford to look spent and lackluster! I think the answer to this dilemma is either to bring a fresh outfit on the plane with you and change before landing or just make sure whatever your wearing will not wrinkle. It would really help to bring a jacket or sweater along which you only don once you’re on your way to your meeting. And of course, a fresh pair of shoes—ones that will “lift” you into a heightened sense of style—is a must!


There’s always at least a little time for a quick make-up fix, either before landing, or in the car on the way to your meeting. Make sure you always have all your essentials like foundation, blush, concealer, eye-liner, mascara, and lipstick on hand. And of course, if there isn’t sufficient time for re-styling your hair, you might just tie it back with a beautiful clip—if it’s long enough of course. I also find that a small spray can of Evian mist is a simple luxury you can always keep in your bag to give yourself an uplifting little spritz. And another great product I use is Caudalie’s Eau de Beaute, a liquid “beauty elixir” made of grape, orange blossom, rose, organic balm mint, and rosemary.   It has a most refreshing scent, and can be lightly sprayed over your make-up for a real beauty wake up call. But often, our best strategy to beat the ravages of a long flight is to remember to not only moisturize but meditate: Take a few moments for yourself en route to your meeting to shake any built-up stress and tell yourself how blessed you are to have a high-powered job that allows you to jet to far-flung places to wheel and deal. When traveling for business, it’s as much about attitude as it is about altitude. So muster up some fresh self-confidence, honey, and knock ‘em dead!