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ASK JEANNE Guys in flipflops

Dear Jeanne,
I find my partner’s casual footwear objectionable. To work (a creative job in a big city), he looks polished in slacks and shoes with no socks. On weekends, to brunch dates and errands with me, it’s flip-flops. How can I convince him to try something other than thong sandals?


Dear Marianne:

A much as our own fabulous footwear is meaningful to us women, I do agree that very often, shoes make the man as well. I dare say it’s one of the first things we look at, and the type of shoes the man is wearing—and what shape they’re in—speak volumes about a man’s personality, style savvy and attitude in general. Evidently, your guy is keen on comfort, and understandably so. The “no-socks” trend speaks of ease and a certain kind of cool, though the look doesn’t appeal to everyone. Still, if this is his idea of chic, just make sure he’s aware of potentially stinky feet by using talcum powder and washable terry cloth sole inserts. Of course, going sockless in the winter months is pretty weird, and does look like a guy might be trying to hard. But in the warmer months, it’s perfectly fine for your man to shed his socks, even with a suit, if the suit is slim fitting and fashion forward, since going sockless is a fashion forward notion to begin with. No socks with a baggy old suit can look pretty darn creepy. Now when it comes to flip-flops, that’s another story. While that sort of ultra casual footwear is great for the beach, it doesn’t always speak of a guy being slick and stylish. Still, I’ve seen some men pull the look off, if they’re feet are in good shape. If not, well, that’s tantamount to a lady in sandals who’s in desperate need of a pedicure! If your guy insists on wearing flip-flops, you might want to get him a gift certificate for a pedicure, just so he gets the hint. Otherwise, all you can do is suggest other types of casual footwear that do turn you on. Just point out how off-putting and unsexy you find thong sandals away from the beach. Gifting him with a pair of cool Converse sneakers or smart deck shoes or fab leather sandals might do the trick. Surely your honey is eager to please you. But if he still insists on sporting flip-flops, I’m not sure there’s much you can do. Some guys are adamant about digging their heels in going strictly for the comfort factor. And flip-flops can indeed score big points in that department, especially on a sweltering hot day. If your partner is hell-bent on wearing this flimsy footwear, just make sure his flip-flops aren’t shabby and they fit him properly. Toes or heels hanging over the edge only add insult to injury.