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ASK JEANNE Hair trims…

Dear Jeanne,
I desperately need a haircut but my hairdresser is booked up until next month. How do you make a haircut last a few weeks longer?



Dear Carrie:


While getting a great haircut when you feel you need it is always important for the style psyche, maybe you can use this opportunity to really help you grow—and I’m not just talking about your hair! We’re such creatures of habit that we often get locked into set images of ourselves, and it’s can be tough to shake the ritual of visiting our hairdressers so regularly, just because we think it’s the only way we can keep a consistent style edge and maintain our signature look. Don’t get me wrong: I go through severe withdrawal when I can’t get in to see my fabulous “mane” man Gregory Parvatan at Rapunzel. But sometimes it’s fun to fly solo for a few weeks and experiment, and with your hairdresser so unavailable, I’d say take advantage of that! This also might be the perfect time to start changing up your regular hairstyle a bit.


First of all, you really want to make sure your hair is in top-notch shape. And there are countless great “self-help” products out there to help you perk up your locks. Always use a quality shampoo and conditioner, paying special attention to the ends of your hair. If you blow dry your hair, try doing it every other day instead of every day. All that heat unquestionably takes it toll. And don’t be afraid to try some the great oil products around to help rejuvenate your hair and make it look its shiny best.


Of course, you might start playing with the notion of growing your hair out. But if that’s not the route you’re planning on going, you might be tempted to take matters into your own hand. I say this with some reservation, but if you’re brave enough to play with scissors, get a special thin pair, made especially for hair trimming, and prudently start snipping away, a teeny bit at a time. Yes, it can be ultra scary, and I’m not suggesting a radical overhaul, but maybe just the very ends can go. And if you’re attempting your own bang trim, don’t cut more than about a half-an-inch—at least not at first. I’m not keen on cleaning up my own bangs, but when push comes to shove, and I simply can’t see the forest for my fringe, I do thrown caution to the wind and go at things myself. And it usually makes me feel a lot better, until I can get to a pro, that is. A bit of a bang snip can make all the difference to you as wait to see your beloved hairdresser.


Depending on the length of your hair, now might also be the time to start playing with fun hair accessories. Get some great clip you can show off if your hair is long enough to tie back, or just use a small one to keep the hair out of your eyes. Or how about a pretty hand-band? They’re right on trend, and can certainly add an air of romance while keeping stray hair in its place in the most pretty and feminine way. Then again, hats are happening this season as well, and a jaunty little cap can not only disguise any hair woes you might be having, but also give you a whole new signature in terms of your personal style—at least until your hairdresser can manage to squeeze you in, or you decide to take the plunge and find a new stylist to see you through. There are lots of great talents out there. And while I’m a strong advocate of loyalty in the hair department, the odd affair with another stylist isn’t necessarily the end of the world.