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ASK JEANNE New Year’s Cottage Wear

This year I’m forgoing the usual night on the town on December 31st and going to the cottage instead. How can I bring some pizzazz into my New Year’s Eve ensemble without looking out of place in nature?
Dear Gillian:


Lucky you! My idea of heaven is a cozy New Year’s Eve in cottage country, especially after this whirlwind of urban holiday parties we’ve been running around to. I’d say comfy but ultimately luxurious knitwear is a great place to start when it comes to cabin dressing. And a hint of dazzle, like a knit with a Lurex thread, would be especially appealing. I’m also a big fan of fur trim (and it certainly doesn’t have to be real to look great). A little fur collar could add the right dash of glam to your look, or even a fur vest. I have a couple that I adore and I never fail to feel a little swanky whenever I don one. A sequined vest can be cute as well, tossed over a cashmere sweater. Metallic cardigans would do the trick too. And there are all kinds of fancy sweatshirts out there, as the embellished sweatshirt is one of this winter’s hottest trends. Of course, if you want to walk on the wild side, you could always have fun with one of those crazy vintage Christmas sweaters, though images of Santa could look a little dated by New Year’s. But why not camp it up a bit, and look for a great old sweater with funky snowflakes, snowmen, deer or some other wintry motif on it? There are so many of these fab, colourful old sweaters around and they usually go for a song. Granted, some are ugly. But others are sweet, if a little hokey.


When it comes to bottoms, try a pair of velvet jeans. There’s a stretchy black pair in my EDIT collection at The Bay with a thin satin piping down the leg that’s both comfy and rather glam at the same time. Or opt for jeans that may feature jewel-encrusted detailing or studded. That usually ups the oomph factor! As for footwear, give your feet a treat and try a pair of sequined Uggs. They may be slightly in-your-face but totally fun, and after all—isn’t a sense of humour a must on New Year’s Eve?!

Of course, I’m also a huge fan of glam mukluks, and recently got a pair of tall black fur “wraps” from Manitobah Mukluks that are to-die-for. The white furry ones are also pretty spectacular and would make a great New Year’s Eve statement. Check them out. There are so many varieties to choose from.


You can also try glamourizing your hair do, which would certainly elevate any cottage look. I find the hair accessories at Anthroplogie are pretty awesome, and a fun headband might be all you need to give you the pizzazz you crave.

And finally, give your nails a coat of glittery nail polish, or get creative with nail art, and have your manicurist create images of fireworks. Or how about the letters H A P P Y on one hand and 2 0 1 4 ! on the other? The best thing about “dressing up” for the cottage is that no one will really be judging you. It’s a place where we should all be able to really let our hair down and have some good old-fashioned fun—no matter what we choose to wear.