Ask Jeanne

ASK JEANNE questions

I have dark hair and am thinking of adding ombre highlights or a little accent of red or blonde to liven things up. Is that appropriate for a conservative workplace? Lauren

I hate basic black anything. How can I liven up my legwear with tights in the wintertime? Christine

What’s an appropriate way to wear Peter Pan-collar necklaces? They’re really cute, but I don’t think I have anything in my wardrobe that would go with one. Merci! Xx Katherine

Who can pull of the new printed jeans? Alex

How many trends are too many for one outfit? Lisa

I wear polished makeup and heels daily, yet still look at five years younger than my age (I’m 30). This seasons big trends (polka dots, sweatshirts, pleats) will make me look like a student! What can I do?
How do I still look fashionable in a snow storm? Alison

How do I wear multiple prints at the same time without looking like I’m auditioning for clown college? Emma