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Ask Jeanne Temp summer clothes

Dear Jeanne,
Eating at a university cafeteria this past year has taken a toll: I’ve put on a little weight and my favourite dresses no longer fit. The bonus: a new, temporary summer wardrobe! What garments worth buying while I work on a yoga routine that will melt away the newfound pounds?
Dear Marsha….

Most of us can relate to this “rude awakening” that you’re getting, now that summer is almost here and we’re all taking especially long, hard looks in the mirror. But just stay positive: Weight can come off as quickly as we put it on. All it takes is focus and will power. As for a mere yoga routine being able to melt away pounds… Well, I have heard that “hot yoga” can do wonders, but let’s be honest: We are what we eat. It’s going to take more than some “poses” to really melt away those pounds. SO—once you’re on your new, good, healthy diet AND doing yoga, it shouldn’t take too long to start shaping up. But in the meantime, if you’re looking for a “temporary” fashion fix, go for the types of garments that can be easily taken in once you drop a size or two. Simple shift dresses are easily taken in, and there are all kinds of “floaty” tops around that can help hide those extra inches that are bound to disappear in time. I wouldn’t go overboard purchasing too many new pieces if you’re sure your size is going to change. But investing in a few good basics that can be altered later is definitely worth your while. You also may be interested in looking for some fine knits that will be forgiving in the size department, but will still look good even when you do go down in size. If you’re looking for clothes that will just carry you through the summer, go for great pops of colour. Hopefully, you can find these garments on sale at this point, so you don’t have to spend a bundle of things you’ll be casting off this fall, when a darker colour palette—including plenty of black—will be the big story. I’d indulge in melon, mint, and lemon for the weeks ahead—two very hot shades this season. Try finding lightweight cardigans that won’t be too “size sensitive”, so you’ll be able to wear them when you start “shrinking down”. Of course skirts with elasticized waistbands are always welcome for those whose weight tends to fluctuate. Most important of all, get yourself some fabulous yoga wear to help inspire you on your mission. Every little bit of motivation helps. Just keep your eye on the prize by thinking of how good it’ll feel to get back into those favourite old dresses this fall. Good luck achieving your goal!