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ASK JEANNE Wknd getaways

Dear Jeanne,
What do you pack for a weekend getaway? And what do you wear while travelling?


Dear Christine—

Packing is certainly the name of my game: I’ve done so much traveling over the years, and the beat certainly goes on. Each time I haul out my suitcase, I immediately embark on a mental journey, imagining my impending trip, with all its anticipated adventures. And then I start visualizing myself in the various scenarios, dreaming up the outfits I want to wear, and watching myself in my mind’s eye, going through my days and nights. Since you’re asking me about weekend getaways—well, honestly, no two weekends are every exactly alike for me. It depends where I’m going, and what I’ll be doing. If it’s a trip out to my farm, I’ll usually pack lots of comfy, cozy things, from Roots t-shirts, sweatshirts, and yoga pants, to cuddly sweaters and jeggings. It really depends on the season of course. I’ll usually take a pair of sneakers, a pair of boots, and a pair of loafers or ballet flats. And I’ll always make sure to pack at least one nice top and a good pair of denim jeans or a pair of black stretch “Rock ‘N Karma” jeans or leggings (which I buy religiously at a shop called “Naomi” in Yorkville) just in case I want to go out to dinner. A cardigan is also a handy garment to include, and I always have at least one “EDIT” cardigan with me. They’re really staples in my wardrobe. I also make sure I take a smaller purse—again, for a night out. If I’m planning a wknd in New York, Montreal, or Halifax, I’ll make sure I have at least one little black dress with me, and a lightweight blazer or dressier jacket. Cool little leather jackets also are great for travel, and can be teamed with jeans or dresses. Again, depending on the season, it’s always smart to take a light trench. I adore Lida Baday’s nylon jackets and coats. They pack really well, can be dressed up or down, and always look chic. They’re also fairly water-proof. Of course, if it’s a big city wknd getaway, I’ll pack a good number of dressy accessories, from fab earrings, bracelets, and scarves to at least a couple of pairs of pumps and an evening clutch. I always tend to give myself lots of options in that department, since accessories can do so much to change up your look. Even sunglass options are great! I always pack two or three pair for every trip.


For traveling, comfort is certainly key. But unless I’m just going off to the farm, I usually try to combine style and comfort. There are some lovely two-piece leisure style outfits around in upscale fabrics that have great stretch to them, and that have a sporty chic feel that are perfect for plane rides. You’ll probably never find me on a plane in schleppy yoga clothes. Sorry. I see that a lot, but it’s just not my style. Even for those overnight flights to Europe. I’m not suggesting that I get dressed up whenever I fly, but there’s something to be said for looking and feeling pulled together when traveling, even in a casual chic way. You never know who you might meet! And I find a little layering goes a long way to ensure that you’ll be comfortable in a variety of climate conditions. We often don’t know what to expect. Again, I always like to keep my options open.