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THE KIT Bridal Ideas


Dear Jeanne,

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blah! I want a wedding with a white dress, but bridal conventions bore me. What are new ways to work old ideas into my day?



Dear Celine:

I like your spunk! There’s something to be said about the romance of tradition, but in this day and age, I’m often surprised that so many young women still opt to go the conventional route when it comes to planning their weddings. You, my dear, obviously have a big imagination, and are ready to use it. So allow me to suggest a few ideas to really set those cogs turning, and hopefully inspire a few “out-of-the-bridal-box” ideas. Unfortunately, you haven’t told me when or where the nuptials are being performed. Often, the season and the location will help dictate your type of dress. Also, who’s to say that the attire even has to be formal or cocktail? A wedding in which even the guests are invited to dress all in white could be quite sublime, even if the dress code for them is casual chic. For all I know, you may be planning on getting married in the country, and certainly that sartorial style would be most welcome in a rural setting.


Not sure if you’re a fan of vintage, but if so, there are some sensational vintage bridal gowns out there that would certainly fill the “something old” requirement, and give you a dress that’s unique, memorable, imaginative, and utterly romantic. Vintage Bride on Markham St. in Toronto has some great fare, from a variety of eras—whether you’re into a sassy ‘50s feel or a glam ‘20s take. My own daughter Bekky got married in a sweet vintage dress she bought at a shop in Kensington Market. Though the dress was black satin—something I don’t think you’d go for—it did have a dramatic effect. Her bouquet was also quite amazing, constructed of thousands of tiny beads strung on wire. My younger daughter Joey made her the bouquet as a wedding present. It was much more special—and long-lasting–than any real floral bouquet could have been.


There are other unusual accents your can use for your wedding look: A Pinterest board called “My Fabulous Wedding” offers some adorable suggestions. For example, the idea of having a perfect manicure for your wedding day may be a traditional one—but how about really being able to show off your new wedding band on a finger with a fabulous jeweled nail! I’m not a big fan of over-the-top nail art, but just one dazzling nail on that special ring-finger could be a nice, off-beat touch. And even though you plan on wearing a white dress, what about a coloured veil? A delicate one in pale peach, lavender or aqua could provide you with a great ultra feminine, romantic feel. And here’s another heartfelt suggestion: What about writing a special message to all your precious bridesmaids on the soles of their shoes? It would be a sweet, very private way to acknowledge how you feel about them as they take the big walk down the aisle for you.


I also miss the old idea of having a wedding “trousseau”. I remember being at my cousin’s wedding when I was a little girl in the ‘60s, and watching her enter the reception towards the end of the night in a super chic little “going away” suit. I’m not sure the couple actually left for their honeymoon right then and there, but the notion of popping out of your reception to change, and coming back in a fab outfit that you were supposedly traveling in, just before you jetted off to a romantic honeymoon getaway, was absolutely dreamy in my young eyes.