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THE KIT Studded Accessories

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Chronological age doesn’t matter much in my style book. Body type and spirit prevail when it comes to how one should dress, and which trends to subscribe to. Yes, all kinds of studs are red hot these days: Even the 86 year old Queen Elizabeth had the white ngela Kelly coat she wore recently as part of the Diamond Jubilee celebrations studded with Swarovski crystals. Most of the studs we see on accessories however are of the metallic variety, and the look can conjure a rock star vibe. But nothing wrong with thAat! Just make sure that if you’re planning to rock studs this season, know that context is key. Shoes and bags and belts that feature studs are pretty attention getting. If you work in a conservative office, you might want to save your studded accessories for weekends or ‘after five’ dressing, unless you don’t mind being seen as the resident punk.

When I say that one never gets too old for studs, I do practice what I preach. Last Christmas, at the age of 59, I wore a studded leather Versace mini dress from H&M to a couple of parties and got compliments galore. I also bought a fabulous little studded leather evening pouch last year that I’ve been wearing with a variety of looks, from little black cocktail dresses to skinny jeans, and it’s become one of my very favourite accessories. Studs will certainly give you instant edge. Just don’t go overboard: One studded accessory is all you need. And if you decide to go with studded shoes, or boots, leave it to your feet make the main statement. There is a thing as “too much” in the stud department, after all. You also might want to use studded accessories to pump up the style volume of some of your more demure and feminine garments. Juxtaposition is one of the coolest names of the game these days, and the more you can mix that hard/soft story, the more interesting your outfit will be.

I have found that studded accessories can be a bit of a pain when traveling though. Unless they’re packed away in your luggage, these pieces will inevitably set the metal detectors off, and could end up costing you precious time at the airport. But studded sunglasses, hairclips, or bracelets are simple to pop off. Then again, with the biker chic look you’re bound to achieve with your studded accessories, you might just be compelled to hop on the back of Harley and really travel in style.