Ask Jeanne

THE KIT TIFF + Eyeglasses


Dear Jeanne,
I’m going to a Toronto film fest premiere with a publicist. His style is polished young professional. Mine is colourful creative. It’s our first date. What do I wear?
Dear Malene:

I love that you describe your style as ‘colourful creative’—that’s at the heart of what any great film festival is about! Doing what comes naturally should help you fit right in. After all, it’s a pretty artsy crowd that you’ll be rubbing shoulders with at TIFF. Of course, first dates are always a little unnerving in the what-to-wear department. But I’m excited for you. Stay true to who you are, and don’t be afraid to be a little daring. Film premieres at the festival usually call for cocktail wear, and since you’ll be there with a publicist, I’m sure he’d be charmed if a photographer snapped a picture of you. Although I’m always a fan of the classic LBD, go for something more interesting than that—perhaps a frock with an edgy silhouette in a bold colour or one with an interesting graphic print. Remember, film people are very visually oriented and will appreciate all the eye candy you can give them. Accessories, as always, are key. A pair of fabulous shoes and some bold, statement jewelry would be great fun. What about making a headband out of old celluloid filmstrips? Find out what premiere you’ll be seeing. Maybe there’s a subtle way you could incorporate the theme of the film into your mode of dress. That would really win points in the creative department! My best advice would be to dress in a fun, upbeat way. Unless this is a blind date, it’s likely that your “colourful creative” style sense was what attracted this fellow to you in the first place. You might also want to strut a Toronto designer’s creation. There are so many international film enthusiasts that you’ll be meeting at the premiere, that it would be hip to promote some of our own local Canadian fashion talent.

Dear Jeanne,
What’s the trend forecast for eyeglasses? Are nerd-chic frames still in? How do I wear them without looking like a student?


Dear Azra:

The geek-chic look has become somewhat of a fashion classic, along with the sexy secretary, and the hipster intellectual. As a result, just about anything goes in eyewear these days, and the nod to vintage is especially strong. Although some of these “nerd-chic” frames as you call them actually do date back to the ‘40s and ‘50s, there’s no need to look book-ish just because you choose to wear them. After all, just look at Buddy Holly and the way he rocked those classic old black frames! So much has to do with the way you wear your hair, the way you dress, and even the wear you do your make-up. You also have options of choosing these types of frames in dynamic new materials and colours. Purple, teal, and burgundy are especially hot. And even if you go for a standard neutral type of colour for the outside of your frame, the interiors of frames are now being lined with flashes of colour, like pink, red, or orange which will all give you a rosy glow. Translucent frames are also fun and usually give a fashion forward impression. These “nerd-chic” frames come in various shapes and sizes: Just remember that your frame shape should contrast your face shape, and the size of the frame should be in scale with the size of your face. Oval faces can wear both rounded and squared-off styles. A large frame with structured corners will help streamline the face. If you’ve got a round face, go for angular frames with a square or rectangle shape. For a heart-shaped face, something with a slight “cat-eye” shape is fun, or a longer, rectangular frame can be sexy too. Narrow faces should stick with slightly curved frames that hit right at the side of the cheeks. A larger lens will help show off your eyes. And those with petite features should just be careful not to overpower your face with frames that are too thick or clunky. I’ve actually just edited a new l capsule collection for spring for FYSH UK, a Canadian brand, that features some very cool frames, and the signature frame I’ve chosen for myself has a “nerd-chic” shape made of zebra-patterned material. A little wild, and not your typical “student” look—unless you’re an art or zoology student, that is!