Praise for Jeanne at Speaking Events:

Jeanne Beker truly delivered an insightful, fun and grounded session today; Anne-Marie’s delivery and facilitation was phenomenal. My takeaways were to face fears and not let them hold me back, persevere, be yourself, authentic, honest and move forward with love.

I loved Jeanne Beker!!! I remember watching her on Fashion Television as a teenager but didn’t feel a personal connection to her. Today, I really felt like I got to know her. She was just so real, in a down-to-earth, honest, energetic, unapologetic, authentic way.

Jeanne’s reaction when women say that they want her job: “Go get your own job.”

Jeanne Beker completely drew me in. I enjoyed every minute of her talk, which was inspiring to say the least. She was nothing short of brilliant.

Jeanne Beker is outstanding. Her knowledge, wisdom and passion is inspiring. I loved her today and admire her as a woman. I could have sat there and watched her speak all day. I knew she was amazing, but this morning I appreciated her even more.

Three lessons on character from Jeanne’s HBA1 Leadership Character and Candour Conference appearance, Ivey Business School.